Kiton Eyewear

NEAPOLITAN STYLE: Italian tailoring brand Kiton launched its eyewear with a gourmet soiree at its Paris store on Friday night. Amid its suits, chef Nino di Costanzo served the best of Neapolitan cuisine, a nod to the brand’s southern Italian roots.

Over aubergine bruschetta and crunchy sfogliatella, the region’s cream-stuffed pastry, Kiton chief executive officer Antonio De Matteis explained: “The glasses are supposed to be like a good suit. Every piece is custom-made for us and carefully assembled one by one.”

The eight styles of optical frames and sunglasses in 12 colors are made of titanium and cellulose acetate that is produced for Kiton by Mazzucchelli. The frames’ screws mimic those of Kiton’s tailoring scissors, while the lenses come from Barberini.

According to De Matteis, it’s the first time this Italian optics specialist produced a lens as thin and as flat as this one. “It’s a so-called basic lens 2. Usually, the industry uses a lens 6, so this makes the glasses ultra-light, while keeping a high performance,” the executive explained.

The men’s collection, which retails between 400 euros, or $446 at current exchange, and 700 euros, or $782, is slated to grow by two to three styles per season, while a ladies’ line is to follow in spring.

“We are not looking to be everywhere and make a million of glasses. We just hope to approach a new Kiton consumer, one that is younger and that appreciates quality made in Italy,” De Matteis said.


Matsuda 2019 Campaign

Year after year, Matsuda never stops to amaze us with amazing new designs and product concepts, however this year, the Japanese brand elevatyed the concept of Campaign shoots and used, 1 of 3 cameras in the world that can capture infrared light.

The result? Impressive and unreal images of a hidden world that lies just in front of our eyesight.

Shamballa Eyewear

Shamballa Eyewear Press Release
Shamballa Eyewear is designed and produced by Larry Sands, who is “credited for creating the luxury eyewear market and making it the height of fashion” (World Press February 2009). Sands brought the fashion world widely known eyewear collections including Matsuda, Kieselstein Cord and Chrome Hearts. Shamballa Eyewear is a collection inspired by the ancient tradition of Yoga and Meditation. Shamballa Eyewear is known worldwide for its unique designs and use of luxury materials.

The Star of Shamballa is a declaration of premium quality and craftsmanship. The collection aspires to encourage the possibility of connection to our inner compassion and wisdom. Shamballa Eyewear brings glamour back to the luxury eyewear market. The collection is inspired by early designers, Elsa Schiaparelli and Dora Demel. Unlike most sunglass collections, Shamballa Eyewear frames are designed to be unique iconic classics, straying away from the seasonal trends.

We want our frames to have a long life span for our customers, not just a trend. The body of the frame is produced in Japan. The leather trim is exotic leather. The sun lenses are Zeiss and provide 100% UV protection. The collection includes an assortment of Men and Women’s frames including Ophthalmic and Sunglass styles starting at $795. The collection is praised by the luxury fashion world, including Karl Lagerfeld, who wears both the Evil Eye and the limited edition Big Love with White Diamonds.

VAVA – Siza Vieira

Colaboração com o Arquitecto Siza Vieira

Sendo os óculos um objeto rígido, necessita adaptar-se perfeitamente ao rosto e tornar-se assim uma parte mecânica do corpo.

A colaboração com Álvaro Siza Vieira, nome maior da Arquitetura contemporânea, é o resultado da inegável conexão entre a VAVA e a obra do Siza Vieira, criador de muitos edifícios icónicos dos últimos 50 anos.

Este compromisso traduz-se numa “capsule collection” de óculos de edição limitada/numerada e uma outra de produção continua. Facto que não pode deixar de ser celebrado ao nível de um galardoado com o Prémio Pritzker de Arquitetura em 1992.

VAVA – Marca de óculos Portuguesa

Os óculos VAVA têm um look sofisticado, contemporâneo e urbano. São subtilmente futuristas, conceptuais e intemporais.

O lema da VAVA é oferecer um produto de alta qualidade que engloba a experiencia, conhecimento e arte dos grandes mestres Italianos de óculos feitos à mão. Conhecimento que se está a perder num tempo em que a produção à mão floresce e domina o uso de materiais de pouca qualidade.

Esta aproximação, combinada com o uso de materiais da mais alta qualidade torna a VAVA única.

Coleção disponível na André Óticas a partir de Janeiro 2019