Keep your shades safe in STYLE

We have developed a travelers case for you to keep your shades in style. It makes no sence to have your collection spread around in drawers, cabinets, and all sort of strange places… you will eventually damage them or even worse, you can loose them. So go for our advice and take a good look at this beauty – Black briefcase from FAMILY AFFAIR featuring a double safety lock with three digit code and thirty compartments where you can storage your sunglasses.

Click here to buy yours in the confort of your home. We also have diferent sizes, colours and materials to combine. Check it out, and if by any means you dont find what you are looking for, ask us, we can make one just for you, in that colour combo that will match your home or your office.

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  1. Tjorven Blöbaum 2 meses ago

    Olá, recentemente encomendei um par de óculos de sol (Dita Nightbird cat-eye) de você via Farfetch. Infelizmente, os óculos foram devolvidos para você porque a entrega não funcionou. Número do pedido: PGFNV6
    Gostaria de receber a entrega (o problema era a falta do número da casa), mas segundo a Farfetch não conseguiram enviar novamente. Seria possível enviar os óculos de sol novamente? Muito obrigada

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